Victor Araújo - Comparative political economy, infrastructure provision, development

Viola Asri - Social protection schemes in developing countries

Chandreyee Bagchi - International climate policy, climate finance, aid

Dr. Kassandra Birchler - Political psychology

Dr. Paula Castro - International climate policy, market mechanisms, negotiations

Dr. Sebastian Fehrler - Political economy, experiments, education

Paola Galano - Tutor

Dr. Kai Gehring - Political economy, Economic development, Federalism and Secessionism

Sofie Heintz - Research assistant

Philipp Kerler - Development economics, economic preferences, political economy

Natalia Podany - Research assistant

Michelle Rangosch - Tutor

Dr. Axel Michaelowa - Head of research group “International climate policy”

Junofy Anto Rozarina - Behavioural Development Economics and Experimental Economics

Martina Zahno - Applied climate policy, energy poverty, subsidies