International climate policy

Our research in international climate policy covers issues related to mitigation of climate change in developing countries, adaptation to climate change, international climate finance and cooperation, the inter-linkages between climate policy and energy policy, and the negotiation process under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

We discuss whether and to what extent climate-related financial assistance can effectively contribute to reaching the Millennium Development Goals, how funds for adaptation and mitigation can be allocated efficiently, whether reporting of public climate flows is accurate or driven by political interests, and how private sector investments can be mobilized.

We assess the performance and the political economy of existing international policy instruments to mitigate climate change, particularly the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM). We assess CDM reform options, and the challenges of a transition from being a host of CDM projects to engaging in sectoral mechanisms or, eventually, own emission reduction targets. Given the political interest in the design of sectoral or policy-based crediting, we analyze their advantages and disadvantages regarding incentive structures, data collection needs, and the mobilization of emission reduction potential.

We also investigate how the issues of climate change and development play a role in the energy governance between industrialized and developing countries, and explore the relationships between renewable energy support policy and climate mitigation policy.

Finally, we investigate the power resources and the choice of bargaining strategies by member states in the current UNFCCC negotiations leading to the Post-Kyoto process, looking at the determinants of successful negotiation (including specific characteristics and behavioral attributes of the negotiators) and the determinants of the choice of any particular negotiation strategy (and position) by these negotiators.

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