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Department of Political Science


Following dissertations have been completed at the Chair of Political Economy and Development since 2006:

  • Sebastian Fehrler (2010) - Social preferences, sorting, and signaling - An experimental analysis of labor market processes ZORA
  • Anke Weber (2010) - Ethnic diversity, clientelistic resource distribution, and politicization: The impact of ethnicity on education in Africa ZORA
  • Florens Flues (2011) - The political economy of the Clean Development Mechanism: Econometric evidence on Executive Board decisions, project supply, and political support for carbon credit imports ZORA
  • Alain Patrick Nkengne Nkengne (2011) - De l’information à la prise de décision, analyse du processus de politique publique en Afrique Francophone: Le cas de la politique des enseignants contractuels de l’état  ZORA 
  • Paula Castro (2011) - The Clean Development Mechanism and incentives for climate change mitigation in developing countries ZORA
  • Martin Stadelmann (2013) - The effectiveness of international climate finance in enabling low-carbon development: Comparing public finance and carbon markets ZORA
  • Nadim Schumann (2015) - Human capital, labor markets and remittances in francophone sub-Saharan Africa: An analysis of education and its impact in Senegal ZORA 
  • Linda Maduz (2015) - Protest during regime change: Comparing three democratizing countries in (South-) East Asia, 1985-2005 ZORA
  • Aliya Khawari (2015) - The political economy of microfinance ZORA
  • Bernhard Reinsberg (2016) - The rise of multi-bi aid ZORA
  • Chandreyee Bagchi - (2018) - Climate Aid: A theoretical and empirical investigation ZORA
  • Viola Asri (2019) - Social Pensions for Greying India: Empirical Analyses of Potential Effectiveness Constraints  ZORA
  • Daisuke Hayashi (2020) - Green Innovation in China and India: Technological Learning, Technology Transfer, and Public Policies in the Wind Power and Solar Photovoltaic Industries  ZORA