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Department of Political Science


Digitalization refers to the increasing use and spread of digital technologies in all areas of society. We study how digitalization impacts political actors, processes, decisions, power relations, and political-economic outcomes, as well as the ways in which politics shape digitalization.




  • 82|Alizadeh Meysam||||Digitalization||
  • 88|Altay Sacha||||Digitalization||
  • 87|Coskun Mustafa||||Digitalization||
  • 91|De Angelis Andrea||||Digitalization||
  • 67|Donnay Karsten||Democracy and Democratization||Digitalization||
  • 68|Gilardi Fabrizio||||Digitalization||
  • 70|Häusermann Silja||Democracy and Democratization|Politics and Inequality|Digitalization||
  • 76|Hoes Emma||||Digitalization||
  • 74|Klüser Klaus Jonathan|||Politics and Inequality|Digitalization||
  • 81|Kotsch Raphaela||||Digitalization|International Cooperation|
  • 78|Kubli Maël||||Digitalization||
  • 75|Kurer Thomas|||Politics and Inequality|Digitalization||
  • 90|Schaffner Florian||Democracy and Democratization||Digitalization||
  • 69|Steenbergen Marco||Democracy and Democratization|Politics and Inequality|Digitalization||
  • 85|Umansky Natalia||||Digitalization||
  • 80|Woo Su Yun||Democracy and Democratization|Politics and Inequality|Digitalization||