Silvia  Decadri

Silvia Decadri, Dr.


Tel.: +41 44 634 34 84

Raumbezeichnung: AFL-H-346

Curriculum vitae

Silvia Decadri is a postdoctoral researcher who works in Professor Walter’s ERC funded project on “The Mass Politics of Disintegration”. In her doctoral thesis, she employs computational text analytic methods to study the causes of legislative particularism. Before starting her PhD in Trinity College Dublin, she obtained a B.A. in Political Science from University of Milan and a MSc in Economics from Catholic University of the Sacred Heart. She worked as a Trainee in the Monetary Policy Strategy Division of European Central Bank and as a research analyst in the Italian renewable energy sector. Her research interests in clude legislative behaviour, populism, party politics, political communication and computational methods. She has recently published a paper on the language complexity of populist communication, and she is currently working on projects on legislative particularism and diplomatic communication.