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Institut für Politikwissenschaft

Mitarbeitende neue IPZ Webseite (Doctoral Candidates / Assistants)

Diese Informationen werden benötigt, damit ihre persönliche Mitarbeitendenseite erstellt werden kann.

This information is needed so that your personal employee page can be created.

Doctoral Candidates/ Assistants


In case you want to change your CV. Otherwise, the one from the IPZ page will be used. Please write a German and an English version. Maximum 250 words

Link to personal website

(Upload in PDF format)

To which research area do you belong?

Topic of dissertation optional working title (with optional link to project)


If available, your courses from the UZH course catalog will be displayed here.


In the future, publications from ZORA will also be displayed on your employee page. Please keep your publications up to date.