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These terms govern the use of conditions of the multi-bi aid dataset (the "dataset" in the following).

§1 Parties

  • “Data provider“: Vera Eichenauer (Heidelberg University) and Bernhard Reinsberg (University of Zurich). The data are formally hosted by the Universität Zürich, Institut für Politikwissenschaft, Lehrstuhl für politische Ökonomie, insbesondere der Entwicklung- und Schwellenländer, Affolternstrasse 56, CH-8050 Zürich
  • “Data user” (please fill in your details at the end)

§2 Rights and duties

The “data provider” provides access to the multi-bi aid dataset as described in the codebook “Multi-bi aid: Tracking the evolution of earmarked funding to international development organizations from 1990 to 2012” (Eichenauer and Reinsberg 2014).

The data are made available to the “data user” under the following terms of use.

  • The dataset may only be used for research purposes.
  • When using the dataset or any variable that it contains, it must be cited as follows:

    Eichenauer, Vera Z. and Bernhard Reinsberg (2017). What determines earmarked funding to international development organizations? Evidence from the new multi-bi aid dataset. Review of International Organizations, doi:10.1007/s11558-017-9267-2.

  • Unauthorized dissemination of the dataset is prohibited.

§3 Place of jurisdiction

Place of jurisdiction is Zurich.

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