Department of Political Science


Chairs and Research areas

Comparative Politics Prof. Dr. Daniele Caramani
Democracy and Public Governance Prof. Dr. Daniel Kübler
Democratization and Quality of Democracy Prof. Dr. Daniel Bochsler
International Relations and International Political Economy Prof. Dr. Stefanie Walter
Migration and Integration Policy Dr. Dominik Hangartner (Prof. LSE London)
Policy Analysis Prof. Dr. Fabrizio Gilardi
Policy Analysis & Evaluation Prof. Dr. Thomas Widmer
Political Economy and Development Prof. Dr. Katharina Michaelowa
Political Methodology Prof. Dr. Marco Steenbergen
Political Philosophy Prof. Dr. Francis Cheneval
Political Sociology Dr. Simon Bornschier
Political Theory Prof. Dr. Scott Desposato
Swiss Politics and Comparative political Economy Prof. Dr. Silja Häusermann