Booking Modules (BA / MA degree students)

Booking modules (BA / MA degree students)

You may find more information regarding ‘booking modules’ here.

In respect to the deadlines for booking modules the fallowing rules apply at the Faculty of Arts:

  • Until two weeks after the official start of the lectures: Courses/modules may be booked; previously booked modules may be cancelled.
  • Until four weeks after the official start of the lectures: Previously booked modules may be cancelled; booking new modules is not possible anymore.

The deadlines are to be adhered to in any case. Please pay attention to the fact that different faculties have differing deadlines for booking. Please click here in order to find out about the deadlines of the other faculties of UZH.

Cancelation of previously booked modules after expiration of deadline

Once the deadline has expired, previously booked modules may only be cancelled under compelling conditions, for example illness. Requests, including the corresponding documentation (e.g. medical certificate for illness or accident), must be filed as soon as the student is aware of the reason causing the hindrance or at the latest until 10 days after the date of the course evaluation (e.g. written test).

Completion of course requirements within modules

By booking a certain module a student announces the completion of all course requirements within that specific module. If the student does not comply with this, his/her Transcript of Records will state the remark “not completed” in respect to this course.

Obligation in regard to bookings and student's duties

Once the deadline for cancelations has passed, all executed bookings are binding. Students are now committed to fulfilling all course requirements. Please pay attention to the fallowing details:

  • Students are responsible for monitoring their bookings. This also comprises monitoring, whether their bookings or cancelations have been accomplished.
  • When accounting booked modules for a specific degree program, the study regulations of the corresponding subject area are binding.
  • Signing up for a course on the e-learning platform of the University of Zurich (OLAT) or signing up for a course at a certain Faculty or Department does not excuse students from booking the corresponding module.
  • Removal from the register of students or changing the degree course does not excuse students from accomplishing the course requirements of their previously booked modules.