PhD in Political Science

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Welcome at IPZ. Official information concerning the General Doctoral Program and the Structured Doctoral Programm “Political Science” will be provided gradually on this website.

Coordinator: Dr. Petra Holtrup Mostert

The Department for Political Science in the international context

CHE ExcellenceRanking 2009: The Department for Political Science is excellence group


The Centre for Higher Education Development (CHE) in Germany has completed a second round of the CHE Excellence Ranking, focusing on the academic disciplines of economics, political science, and psychology. On the basis of five indicators with either a research orientation (number of publications - including highly cited books and citations by international standard) or an international dimension (Erasmus-Mundus master's programmes, student mobility, and staff mobility), the Department for Political Science (IPZ) at the University of Zurich is an Excellence Group. The IPZ received stars for performing particularly well in some of the above indicators.more information

The University of Zurich is a member of the League of European Research Universities (LERU).


The League of European Research Universities (LERU) is a network of 21 leading research universities that are located throughout ten European countries. LERU is a respected voice in the European Higher Education Area and is committed to upholding sound conditions for research, especially basic research, and teaching. UZH has been a member of this prestigious network since 2006 and contributes to its numerous working groups in a variety of ways.