BA minor in Political Science (30 CP)

General information

The BA in Social Sciences in the subject area of Political Science allows students to acquire core Competences in three out of six fields of Political Science. Furthermore it gives students the opportunity to immerse themselves in one of their chosen fields and to complete an Elective module.

The rules of the Cantonal Regulations, the Study Regulations of the Faculty of Arts, and the Regulations and Guidelines of the IPZ are effective. Please read these documents thoroughly. The following guidance serves as further explanation.

Core Competences

Altogether students have to take three Core Competences. Options which can be selected from are:

  • Core Competence Comparative Politics (Spring term)
  • Core Competence International Relations (Autumn term)
  • Core Competence Policy Analysis (Autumn term)
  • Core Competence Political Economy (Autumn term)
  • Core Competence Political Philosophy (Autumn term)
  • Core Competence Swiss Politics (Spring term)

Consolidation Level

Students are allowed to attend the Consolidation course only if they have completed the accordant Core Competence successfully before.