BA major in Political Science (120 CP)

General information

The BA in Social Sciences in the subject area of Political Science gives students basic knowledge of Political Science and of Social Research Methods. The major is organised in an Orientation Level, that lasts two terms, a Consolidation Level (3rd and 4th term), and a Specialisation Level (5th and 6th term). During the Consolidation Level students are given the opportunity to broaden their skills and knowledge, and during the Specialization Level they can specialise in a field of their choice. It is recommended to start studying in autumn term.

The rules of the Cantonal Regulations, the Study Regulations of the Faculty of Arts, and the Regulations and Guidelines of the IPZ are effective. Please read these documents thoroughly. The following guidance serves as further explanation.

Orientation Level

Apart from a compulsory course in research methods, the Assessment level comprises the Core competence in the field of International Relations, Policy Analysis, Political Economy, Political Philosophy, Swiss Politics and Comparative Politics. The achievements performed during the Assessment Level prove if students fulfil the qualifications in order to pursue their studies within the Consolidation and Specialization Level.

Consolidation Level

On this level students attend two Consolidation Courses, which last two terms. They may choose out of the following fields: International Relations, Policy Analysis, Political Economy, Political Philosophy, Swiss Politics, Comparative Politics. Furthermore they are to extend their methodological skills in a compulsory two term-course.

Specialization Level

During the Specialization Level students improve their skills. They specialise in one of the fields in which they completed a Consolidation Course during their Consolidation year. To guarantee the acquirement of a broad knowledge, students attend a further Consolidation Course in one of the fields the particular students have not attended a course yet.

Independent of study level

Students are to accomplish seven Elective modules from the department's lecture timetable. The Studium Generale (8 CP) offers students the possibility of interdisciplinary networking during the Consolidation and Specialisation Level. Courses from the entire lecture timetable of the University or the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich or the Language Centre of both instutions may be regarded as Studium Generale.

Application for BA certificate

The application for the BA certificate must be handed in online. Students should only apply once it is conceivable that they will be able to accomplish ALL remaining courses (in ALL subject areas they are studying, thus their major AND their minor(s)) by the end of the running term.

Application dates Faculty of Arts:

  • Fall term: October 15 - 30
  • Spring term: March 15 - 30

You may find more information on the application process on the website of the Faculty of Arts (only in German).