BA: Major

Which courses do I have to complete in my BA main subject course during the first and second term?

During the fall term of the Orientation level, students have to complete the following courses: “Core competence: Policy Analysis”, “Core competence: International Relations”, “Core competence: Political Economy”, and “Core competence: Political Philosophy.” In spring term of the Orientation level students have to complete “Core competence: Comparative Political Science”, “Core Competence: Swiss Politics” and “Introduction to Methods of Political Science”.

What is the “Studium Generale”?

In the BA main subject degree of Political Science students have to gather altogether eight credit points in so called “Studium Generale-modules”. These are modules which can be chosen freely from the complete range of courses offered by the University (UZH, ETH, and Language centre). It is possible that a course giving eight credits is charged as “Studium Generale”.

How can I book modules for the “Studium Generale"?

The departments determine themselves which courses are accessible as “Studium Generale”. If it does not work to choose a favored module, consult the accordant department directly. They will be able to tell you if the course you favored can be selected as “Studium Generale”. You might have to explain what “Studium Generale” exactly means since this term is not used at all departments and faculties.

Is it possible to take courses into account as “Studium Generale” (8 CP) that I attended in a subject I did not complete and I am not enrolled for anymore?

If you attended this subject as part of a Licentiate degree course, it would not be possible unfortunately because you did not earn any credits for the course.

If you took this subject in a BA degree course of the University of Zurich and received credits, the course and all credit points are registered in our system. The points left can be taken into as “Studium Generale” (max. 8 CP) when your BA diploma is issued.

If you took this subject at another university and did not complete it but received credit points for your achievements performed in the course, it would be best to consult the Program Director of the IPZ. She will clarify if a maximum of eight points can be taken into account as “Studium Generale”.

Is it possible to complete a course at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich and to have it accounted for as Studium generale at the Department of Political Science at the University of Zurich?

Yes this is possible, if the lecturer has agreed to let you take part in his/her class. Please make sure the course, you want to take, is on the level of a Bachelor’s degree. We can’t account for MA courses as a part of your Bachelor’s degree. For instance we can’t give you credit points for a course, which is part of the MACIS.

I failed a Compulsory module, which forms part of the Orientation level. What are the consequences of that?

You may repeat the compulsory module once. This is to be done at the repetition exam, normally about ten weeks after the first exam takes place.

I failed a Compulsory module for the second time and thus became exclude from the subject concerned. What does happen now?

This means that you cannot study Political Science as a major at any Swiss university anymore. At the Department of Political Science at the University of Zurich however, you can still sign up for Political Science as a minor (30 CP).

Further steps:

  1. Consider which other subject or education could be an option for you or whether for instance you would like to study Political Science abroad. An appointment with a Career Counselor might help you in the course of your decision. The website might also be of assistance to you.
  2. If you choose to continue your studies at a Swiss university and have selected a particular subject, please find out when you can start your studies and whether you need any minor subjects. If the new major used to be one of your minor subjects before, don’t forget to clarify what part of the completed coursework can be taken into account.
  3. Would you prefer to stay at the University of Zurich? If so, you will have to decide whether you would like to continue studying Political Science as a minor subject (30 CP). This way all credit points you achieved within the BA main subject degree will be saved in the system. All of the modules completed that correspond with the curriculum of the subsidiary subject (30 CP) in Political Science will be taken into account thus.

Theres is neither a Bachelor's thesis, nor is there a Bachelor's exam at the end of the major program in Political Science. How do I complete my Bachelor's studies and obtain my Bachelor's degree?

You may apply for your Bachelor's degree twice a year at the Dean's office of the Faculty of Arts. This may be done as soon, as you determine you will have earned the total of 180 Credit point (complying with the curricula of your major and minor subjects) by the end of the same semester.