BA: General Questions

How is the BA degree program structured?

The BA degree program in Political Science (major of 120 CP) is organised into different levels: A two term Orientation level, a Consolidation level (3rd and 4th term) and a Specialization level in the 5th and 6th term. There is no differentiation into levels when studying Political Science as a minor (20 CP, 30 CP or 45 CP).

Detailed information on the individual degree program are to be found in the overview .

I am at the beginning of my studies. I have just realised that some courses of my major and minors coincide with each other. What can I do?

That is a problem a lot of students encounter in the course of their studies. Unfortunately it is hardly possible to avoid in view of the multiple choices of subjects and combinations.

See if it is possible to complete one of the modules concerned with the respective subject later without causing a prolongation of your studies.

If this is not the case there will be a further possibility, namely to start your minor a year later, when you dispose of more flexibility within your major subject. Please do not forget to find out if the minor concerned can be completed in four semesters at all.

Where do I find out which achievements I have to produce?

The course achievements are declared in brackets at the end of each module title:

  • PR = Prüfung = exam
  • SA = Schriftliche Arbeit = written paper
  • RE = Referat = oral presentation

When do the exams of the modules take place, respectively when must the achievements be produced?

You may find the exam dates of the current term here.

What will happen if I fail a course achievement?

The regulations of the Rahmenordnung der Philosophischen Fakultät (Oct. 24, 2005) (§ 24) are effective:

Please also take notice of the general information of the BA exams.

Is it possible to complete a course at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich and to have it accounted for as an elective module at the Department of Political Science at the University of Zurich?

This can only be done, if that specific course is listed in our own course catalogue of that specific semester.

How is the final grade in one's Bachelor’s diploma made up?

The Rahmenordnung der Philosophischen Fakultät (Oct. 24, 2005) says that there is one grade for each, the major and both minors. The final grades for each studied subject are equivalent to the weighted average of all course grades obtained in that specific subject area. All course grades are weighed according to the number of points earned for them. The final Bachelor Grade itself is formed by the major and minor final grades, weighed according to the number of points the subject comprises.