Study contents

The Master's degree in Political Science combines practice and research orientation and prepares the graduates for exciting and challenging tasks of an academic career or in the wider environment of administration, federal authorities as well as in consulting, media and the private economy.

Our offer

Our range of possible focuses is unique across Europe. Within the scope of the MA in the main subject Political Science, courses within following disciplines are offered:

This offer is rounded off by imparting in-depth knowledge in empirical methods.

The diversity offers students the opportunity to acquire in-depth knowledge in a wide range of disciplines and, on the other side, to specialize in selected areas of research.


As of HS 2013, there will be the opportunity to complete a so-called track in addition to the various disciplines of Political Science. This track is an additional focus declared separately at the end of the studies. 

Possible tracks are:

In order to be able to complete the studies with a track, you must have completed at least the following events in this area:

  • 1 research seminar
  • 5 MA seminars

The selection of a track is thus possible in the main subject (90KP) and the monomaster (120KP). Only the designation of one track is possible.

Master thesis

By completing the Master's thesis, students learn how to work on scientific topics. In addition to the expertise in an area, they also have to draw on important competences such as independent working, analysis and endurance. Depending on the content of the Master's thesis, the chosen topic can also be a stepping stone into the professional life - whether in research or the economy.


From HS 2013 on it will be possible for you to be able to take internships completed outside or within the university as an MA seminar (6 credits). Internships completed before the semester start date can not be calculated retrospectively. The specific conditions for crediting can be found here (German only).


As of HS 2013, a so-called monomaster can be completed in Political science. This means that 120 credit points of political science are studied without ancillary subjects. This provides a particularly strong focus on the field of Political Science.