About us

Head of Department


Office: AFL-H-313


Vice Head of Department


Office: AFL-H-314


Managing Director and Doctoral Programme Manager

Office: AFL-H-318


Staff of the administration

Anahita Afsharian, lic. phil.
Examination delegate

Office: AFL-H-316

Pierina Bossert
Administrative Assistant

Office: AFL-H-320

Daniela Dombrowski, lic. phil.
Human resources, controlling

Office: AFL-H-344

Sibilla Flury, lic. phil.
International Student Mobility, internships

Office: AFL-H-316

Christine Lercher
Supervisor Library

Library IPZ

Office: AFL-F-131

Erika Leuenberger
Campus Management Supervisor, Administration MA/BA

Office: AFL-H-317

Dr. Erwin Rüegg
IT Support

Office: AFL-G-258

Przemyslaw Schmidt
IT Supervisor

Office: AFL-H-348a

Julius Mattern
Website & Newsletter

Office: AFL-H-320

Ursina Wälchli, M.A.
Student advisor

Office: AFL-H-316

Lila Ziegler
Administrative Assistant

Office: AFL-H-320