Miriam Hänni

Miriam Hänni, Dr. des.

Project Assistant

Phone: 044 634 52 15 or 062 836 94 42


Curriculum vitae

Born 1986 in Zürich. Miriam Hänni is a post-doctoral researcher in the NCCR Democracy at the University of Zurich and the Centre for Democracy Studies Aarau. Prior to this position she was employed as a PhD-student and research assistant in the NCCR Democracy Project ‘Democracy Barometer’. In her dissertation she analysed the causes and consequences of policy responsiveness towards ethnic minorities in democracies worldwide. Her current research interests include the representation of ethnic minorities and inter-ethnic relations in authoritarian and democratic systems around the world and questions of voting behaviour and retrospective voting in newer and older democracies.

Research Interest

Political representation and inter-ethnic relations in democratic and autocratic regimes, political behaviour of minorities, retrospective voting