Research area Democratization and Quality of Democracy

This research area is vacant.

The research of this group deals with democratisation and the quality of democracy, with a particular focus on political institutions and social diversity. Looking at ethnically divided societies, we study the effect of political regimes and institutions on ethnic conflict and stability. We study the crucial role of elections, electoral systems, and political representation.
The research group is entirely third-party funded, through the NCCR Democracy, including the Democracy Barometer project, through a SNF-funded project on mixed electoral rules, and through a project on elections in Switzerland, funded by the Swiss Federal Office of Statistics.
In terms of empirical methodology, we have a pluralistic perspective, and employ a wide range of methods. This ranges from different forms of regression analyses up to and qualitative studies. Our research has been innovative in applying qualitative comparative analysis (QCA) to the study of large datasets, in measuring diversity across geographic units, and in developing a comprehensive methodology for the study of electoral fraud.