Sunday 18th of June (day 1: Arrival)

17.00 Zurich sightseeing (Tourist information, Zurich main station)

19.00 Informal dinner (Restaurant Terrasse)

Monday 19th of June (day 2) (Institute of Asian and Oriental Studies, RAA E08)

9.00-9.30 Welcome and introductory remarks

Nicolas Martin and Katharina Michaelowa (UZH)

9.30-10.30 Keynote lecture by John Harriss (Simon Fraser University)

10.30-11.00 Coffee break (RAA Atrium)

11.00-13.00 Thematic panel I

  • Caste, Class, Gender and Welfare Schemes
  • Chair: Nicolas Martin
  • Grace Carswell and Geert de Neve (Sussex University): ‘Cards and queues: caste, gender and access to social welfare in Tamil Nadu, India’ (Discussion openers: Jeffrey Witsoe, Aditya Dasgupta)
  • Sourabh Paul (IIT-Delhi): ‘Caste discrimination in public service delivery’ (Discussion openers: Rahul Mukherji, Bill Pritchard)
  • Satendra Kumar (CSDS): ‘Social life of welfare schemes: caste, class and democracy in Uttar Pradesh, North India’ (Discussion openers: Nicolas Martin, Viola Asri)

13.00-14.30 Lunch (ETH faculty restaurant)

14.30-16.30 Thematic panel II

  • The Indian State and Welfare
  • Chair: Katharina Michaelowa
  • Bill Pritchard (University of Sydney): ‘Inclusive reform? Evidence-based assessment of the changing landscape of India’s social safety nets’ (Discussion openers: John Harriss, Grace Carswell)
  • David Picherit (University Paris Nanterre): ‘Indiramma housing scheme: corruption and violence in development schemes’ (Discussion openers: Geert de Neve, Christelle Dumas)
  • Rahul Mukherji (University of Heidelberg): ‘The State, Ideas and Welfare in India: Reflections on Andhra Pradesh and West Bengal’ (Discussion openers: Amelie Bernzen, Sohini Paul)

16.30-17.30 Coffee break + poster session (RAA Atrium)

  • Viola Asri (UZH): ‘Monetary support versus informal support – social pension receipt and coresidence revisited’ (Discussants: Stefan Klonner, David Picherit)
  • Amelie Bernzen and Shantonu Abe (University of Cologne): ‘Policy frameworks, welfare schemes and sustainable farming practices in West Bengal’ (Discussants: Urs Geiser, Sourabh Paul)
  • Marion Krämer (University of Goettingen): ‘School feeding, iron-fortified salt and child cognitive ability – evidence from a randomized control trial in rural India’ (Discussants: Christelle Dumas, Chandreyee Bagchi)
  • Rahul Lahoti (University of Goettingen): Are Educated Leaders Good for Education? Evidence from India (Discussants: Paula von Haaren, Rahul Mukherji)

17:30-18:50 Thematic panel III

  • Civic Engagement and Welfare Schemes
  • Chair: Jeffrey Witsoe
  • Nicolas Martin (UZH): ‘NREGA Activism Subverted? A Case Study from the Punjab’ (Discussion openers: Geert de Neve, Stefan Klonner)
  • Aditya Dasgupta (Stanford University): ‘Civic engagement and service delivery across Indian villages’ (Discussion openers: Jeffrey Witsoe, Katharina Michaelowa)

19.00 Conference dinner (Restaurant Sento, Plattenhof)

Tuesday 20th of June (day 3) (RAA E30)

9.00-10.20 Thematic panel IV

  • Leakages in the Public Distribution System
  • Chair: Sourabh Paul
  • Sohini Paul (Carleton University): ‘Public Distribution System in India: A critical assessment’ (Discussion openers: Paula von Haaren, Faisal Abbas)
  • Stefan Klonner and Paula von Haaren (University of Heidelberg): ‘Leakage in India's Public Distribution System: evidence from panel data’ (Discussion openers: Sourabh Paul, Grace Carswell)

10.20-10.50 Coffee break (RAA E30)

10.50-12.50 Thematic panel V

  • Transparency and Welfare Schemes
  • Chair: Grace Carswell
  • Viola Asri, Katharina Michaelowa (UZH), Sitakanta Panda and Sourabh Paul (IIT Delhi): ‘Does transparency improve public program targeting? Evidence from India's old age social pension reforms’ (Discussion openers: Bill Pritchard, Martin Webb)
  • Martin Webb (Goldsmiths): ‘In the margins of anti-corruption and rights activism – trust, brokers and social protection in Delhi.’ (Discussion openers: David Picherit, Sitakanta Panda)
  • Jeffrey Witsoe (Union College): ‘Collective action and the right to work in rural Bihar’ (Discussion openers: Urs Geiser, Satendra Kumar)

12.50-14.15 Lunch (ETH faculty restaurant)

14.15-16.00 Working group meetings (RAA E21, E27, E29, E30)

16.00-16.30 Coffee break (RAA E30)

16.30-18.00 Reports from parallel sessions and planning of future activities

18.00-18.15 Concluding remarks

19.00 Informal dinner (Restaurant Rigihof)