Chandreyee Bagchi

Chandreyee Bagchi


Tel.: 044 634 58 47

Curriculum Vitae

Chandreyee was born on 1989 in Kolkata, India. She studied Economics from 2008-2013 at the Department of Economics, University of Calcutta. She worked at the Global Change Program, Jadavpur University on climate change and on migration issues at the Centre for Studies in Social Sciences, Kolkata during her graduate studies. She did a summer research internship at the Kiel Institute for the World Economy, Germany in 2013 on aid policies. Since January 2014, she is working as a Research Assistant to the Chair of Political Economy and Development, Prof. Dr. Katharina Michaelowa on climate finance and development related issues.

Research Focus

Applied Climate Policy, Aid Policy, Development and sustainability issues.


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Kammerer, M.; Bagchi, C. (2017), What drives the adoption of climate change mitigation policy: A dynamic network approach to policy diffusion, Submitted.

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Michaelowa, A.; Castro, P; Bagchi, C. (2013), Report on stakeholder mapping: Multi-level interaction of climate policy stakeholders in the run-up to the 2015 agreement, Berlin, Ecologic Institut

Working Papers

Bagchi, C.; Castro, P.; Michaelowa, K. (2017) Buying support at the UNFCCC: The strategic use of climate aid, CIS Working Paper, 95

Bagchi, C.; Castro, P.; Michaelowa, K. (2016) Donor accountability reconsidered: Aid allocation in the age of global public goods, CIS Working Paper, 87.

Web articles

Bagchi, C. (2015): New Market Mechanisms: Status of Discussions under the UNFCCC. Climate Policy Info Hub, 08 December 2015. Online available.

Bagchi, C. (2015): Non-Market Based Approaches: Status of Discussions under the UNFCCC. Climate Policy Info Hub, 08 December 2015. Online available.

Bagchi, C.; Velten, E.K. (2014): The EU Emissions Trading System: Regulating the Environment in the EU. Climate Policy Info Hub, 13 May 2014. Online available.

Research in Progress

Bagchi, C. (2018), Efficient allocation of climate finance, In Preparation.

Sánchez, A.; Bagchi, C. (2017), Food security and protests revisited, In Preparation.